Privacy Policy

Matajer Platform Privacy Policy:

We thank the users of Matajer platform for your confidence in our platform, and we are pleased to provide our services to the success of your e-business, and we assure you that we are very keen to keep the data of all users of the platform safe from merchants to customers, and we take all precautionary measures to protect that data. We also thank you for reviewing our Privacy Policy page and agreeing to the terms mentioned herein, Which contain important terms for you that you must read carefully to know how to protect your data and your rights and to know the rights of Matajer platform.

1- Our privacy policy page contains the following terms:

Personal data we request from the merchant to be able to register with our platform:

The merchant must agree to provide us with all the personal data we need from him, and agree to provide us with some of the data of his customers we request from him.

Our platform requires a set of data so that the merchant can register with our platform and benefit from the services we provide, and the personal data that our platform requires from the merchant is like full name, email, mobile number, and password.

The platform requires some other data so that the merchant can activate the electronic payment of his e-store as his commercial registration number, a copy of his commercial register, a copy of his personal ID and the IBAN for the store's bank account.

We collect some data from the merchant such as the device and browser used to enter the platform and the time the merchant enters the platform as well as the merchant's IP address

2- The personal data we request from merchant customers that is registered to matajer Platform:

A- We need some personal data from the merchant customers, and these data are like customers’ e-mails, names, and phone numbers.

B. We collect the data of the merchant customers in order to improve the services provided by us and to know the needs of the merchant customers to work on providing them.

3- Data we request from visitors of Matajer platform:

A- We collect some data from visitors of Matajer platform such as the device used to browse the platform, the type of browser used, and the visitor's IP address.

B- We also collect some other data such as the name and the e-mail of the visitor.

C-We collect such data in order to know the visitors' requests and work to fulfill those requests.

4- The customer's responsibility to maintain his data at Matajer platform:

The customer maintains his data by not sharing any of his important personal data to any other person, because this person can damage your account on our platform; please keep your personal data harmless.

5- Data protection of platform users:

A- We are responsible for maintaining the personal data of the users of a store platform, and we take all measures to protect your personal data on our platform.

B- We are working in every way to preserve the data of all users of the platform so that they are safely on our platform, and we seek to keep the data of the merchants in every possible way.

6- Our uses of the data of our users of our platform:

A- Data for Platform users is used in specific cases and for staff responsible for doing so.

B- Matajer platform works in all ways to preserve the safety of the platform and the safety of the users in it, and if any violation occurs by any user of the application, it will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Users Terms and conditions, and the penalties mentioned on this page will apply.

7- Users' financial rights:

Matajer platform reserves all merchant payment data used in the payment process of the subscription (Bundles/Packages) available on Matajer platform, and the platform reserves the confidentiality of all financial transactions between it and the participating merchants in the platform.

8- Cookies:

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded when you browse and use Matajer platform, and we use users' cookies to:

A- Identifying their needs and working to meet those needs.

B- Introduce users to some of the new services offered by the platform or to show some useful third-party ads such as Google Ads.

C- Provide full technical support and help all users of Matajer platform.

9. Dealing with third parties:

Third parties may be provided with some data of the merchants on the platform or their customers, and all platform users should know this well, and agree to it. We provide such data to third parties in order to be able to provide the services required by users of Matajer platform, to display certain advertising or to market third-party products and services to them.

10-Rights of our platform:

All users of a store platform must agree to the Privacy Policy page of Matajer platform, and users must know that Matajer platform has the right to make modifications or additions to its Privacy Policy page at any time they wish, This is in case the management of Matajer platform considers it necessary to do so.