Terms and Conditions

Terms of use for Matajer platform:

The terms of use of Matajer platform are the conditions that the merchant must follow because these conditions are very important and the merchant must know the terms of the platform in order to abide by them and not violate them, because violating these terms more than once exposes the violating person to a ban from using the services provided by the platform and canceling his account from the platform.

First: Conditions for registering on Matajer platform:

1- Matajer platform is not directed to children, no one person under the age of 13 can use Matajer platform or even the services provided by the platform.
2- The merchant must provide Matajer platform with all the personal data required from him.
3- The merchant must maintain the integrity of the platform and not cause any harm to either Matajer platform or to anyone of the platform users.
4- The merchant must provide Matajer platform with his payment method information in order to be able to subscribe to the (bundles/packages) offered by the platform.
5- We use your e-mail in case that we communicate with you or send you some important offers.

Second: General Conditions of Matajer platform:

1- The merchant must agree to all the conditions of use the platform in order to be able to use the platform and the services it provides, and if the merchant does not agree to the terms of the platform, he shall not be entitled to register with the platform nor even to obtain its services.
The judicial authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall have jurisdiction over disputes and issues that might arise, God forbid, through Matajer platform, and we ask all parties to work towards solving the problem amicably, and if the problem is not solved by amicable means, in this case the aggrieved party will resort to the judicial authority to solve his problem.
3- All merchants must agree to the right of Matajer platform management to make amendments or changes to its terms of use page at any time if the platform management deems it necessary to do so.
4- Any services provided by a store counter shall not be used for any unlawful purposes, immoral purposes or any matters contrary to Islamic law.

Third: Conditions for dealing with Matajer platform:

1- Matajer platform uses to add some new terms or even change the terms already on its Terms and Conditions page, Matajer platform requests merchants to view this page from time to time so they will be aware of any addition or change that have been made to this page.
2- We provide companies that have the method of payment to our platform with information on behalf of the merchant after completing the registration process on our platform
3- The merchant acknowledges that the payment method he uses in the platform is enabled so that he can use it to subscribe to the available (bundles/packages) in the platform, and the merchant can also disable his payment method and he is solely responsible for activating or deactivating his payment method.
4- When the merchant uses the payment methods available at the platform, he agrees to all the conditions of the companies that have such methods as a third party available in Matajer platform as set forth in the terms of use when requesting a service for launch a new website, application of e-store. If any modifications or changes are made, this will be published in the new version of the application, website, or e-store.
5- If you have any questions or queries, please contact us immediately at the numbers shown at the platform or via our email to answer all your questions.
6- Anyone who makes any violation or willfully damage to Matajer platform will be subject to ban and final cancellation to his account from the platform.

Fourth: Rights of Matajer platform:

1- Matajer Platform shall have the right to modify or terminate any of its services without notifying merchants of that.
2- Matajer platform shall have the right to refuse to modify any service without giving any reasons.
3- Matajer platform shall have the right to delete any content that infringes the rights of the Site, infringes the rights of any third party, or that the content contains sexual images, sexual purposes or any damages that may cause any harm to any person.
4- Matajer platform will not display content that has been previously stored by us.
5- In the event of a dispute over the ownership of a merchant's account, Matajer platform will require the affected person to prove ownership of the account by providing all the documents required from the platform and confirming his ownership of the account.
6- If a trading platform is confirmed by the legitimate account holder after it has submitted all the documents that prove its right, the platform will deliver the account to its legitimate owner, and if the platform is unable to identify the legitimate account owner, then the platform will disable the account until the judgment is made and the problem is resolved.

Fifth: Disclaimer:

1- Matajer platform shall disclaim its liability in the event of any damage to a platform user e.g. damage to the user as a result of a platform failure during the purchase of services subscription to the (bundles/packages) available on the platform.
2- The merchant is fully responsible for the safety of his account on our platform, and the merchant advised by us not to disclose his password to anyone so as not to cause harm to his account on the platform.
3- Matajer platform is not responsible for the quality of the services brought by the merchants to their customers.
4- Matajer platform is not responsible for loss of profits or any damage in any way, either directly or indirectly, to any party on the platform.

Sixth: Payment and Subscriptions:

1- The merchant pays the full fees required of him for subscribing to the (bundles/packages) available on Matajer platform
2- The merchant must provide Matajer platform with the information of the payment method he wants to pay through, this information must be 100% correct, and the payment method is activated.
3- (Bundle/Package) fees are paid in advance, and you can review the available (bundles/packages) on the (bundles/packages) page to choose the (bundle/package) that suits you.
4- The merchant must use a valid payment method in order to be able to subscribe to the (bundles/packages) offered by Matajer platform, and to pay all the fees required by the platform.
5- It is not possible to refund the amounts paid for the purchase of (bundles/packages) on Matajer platform.

Seventh: Important conditions for Matajer platform:

1- The merchant has the right to cancel his account at Matajer platform and can do so by continuing with technical support.
2- Please note that the prices indicated on the platform are not fixed and adjustable, and we will try to send notifications to site users to introduce them to any price changes.
3- Matajer platform has the right to stop a service from its services to users without notifying them.
4- Matajer Platform might provide some third parties with personal data about users of the Website in exchange for offering some important advertising and services to users.
5- Matajer Platform shall not be liable for any damage to the Platform's users due to dealings with third parties cooperating with us.

Eighth: Copyright and intellectual rights for Matajer platform and for users of the platform:

1. Matajer platform is committed to preserving the copyright and intellectual rights of all users of the platform and third parties.
2. All copyrights and intellectual rights are reserved for the Matajer platform, and it is strictly prohibited to violate the rights of the Matajer platform, because whoever dares to violate the rights of the platform or cause any harm to it or to anyone of the users of the platform, he will expose himself to prosecution and legal accountability by Matajer platform.
3. It is strictly prohibited to copy, paste, and use or reuse any content related to Matajer platform or the services it provides, or anything owned by Matajer platform.